Sunday, February 22, 2004

Do I be cruel?

[Via Blogger's FP] ANESTHESIOLOGY. One brief look and I thought the inevitable: Well, you certainly put me to sleep.

It doesn't help there's only two posts, and they don't say a lot. There's also the slightly nagging sensation that there's something wrong with the page, but I think it's just down to the title missing the second "A" (the one before the first "E", that forms that awkward thing where they merge [Æ/æ], which is probably why the Americans dropped it). But what should one expect of country that doesn't believe in adrenaline.

By the way, yes, I am fully aware that I'm not really in a position to comment on the lack of interesting points in posts (but I have these special hollow rubber stones, and they just bounce straight off the glass), but as blogs go, the one above just doesn't offer much. Hopefully that'll change given time.

All that anyone can tell from this blog is that it's a guy [probably] called Christian, who wishes to become an anaesthesiologist in America. But it offers no insight as to why (beyond a Miss World-ish statement) he chose anaesthesiology, or why he chose to write about it. What background does he have that made him think of it as an option? What background does he have generally - who is he? Where does he live? He says he wants to study in the US, so is he not from the US originally? How old is he? What interests does he have, or if the blog is to be solely on anaesthesiology, why did choose to restrict it to that? Does he intend to cover news in the field or related fields? Or will the blog be more geared towards a personal diary of his time training? [and why did he have to pick a word that's so bloody hard to type?].

Oh, as I typed this he must have changed the template, as there's now a link to a university in Mexico, and another the links changed to an acronym.
So I'm guessing he's studying, or has studied in Mexico, and wants to gain US qualification or certification. So why not say so? Have a brief introduction, and then launch into the anaesthesiological debate.

So, anyway, I wish him luck, but also wish he'd start developing his content. Write about something, it doesn't matter what, and if you get it right (wish most people do eventually), there will be people around to read.

I think I may have got slightly distracted from my intention of writing about that annoying Volvo ad. Oh well, maybe later.

PS. And only MS Word would say I wish him luck should become I wish him lucked.

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