Saturday, February 21, 2004

Is it supposed to hurt when you breathe?

Possibly going swimming thrice in three days isn't such a great idea when I'm not at all fit. And I'm also trying to work out why all the other aches are down my right, my right hand, my right shoulder, my right hip and my right calf. Who do I do? Swim in circles?

And my prediction came true. It's not a very good prediction though; I'd said that it always snows during the spring half-term (ie the week we've just had), and got dismissed as an idiot. And what should happen when I came out of swimming at lunch on Friday - lots of little white things falling. Didn't settle though (and they were very small flakes, almost grains), but despite the wind, it wasn't that cold.

But Friday was an odd day anyway: I had a really weird dream that woke me up about 5am, and then couldn't get back to sleep. I dreamt I was reading a book (a book that matched "A suitable boy", which I'm currently reading, in style and formatting. I could tell that something bad was about to happen, flicked a few pages ahead to see how much more of the mini-chapter there was, and how long the bad stuff would last. I go back to where I was, and carry on reading. But it's suddenly set in Australia, there's girl with shortish, curly black hair, called Lonewell (as typed on the page, but pronounced Low-el-lene, and don't ask me how I know this, I just do somehow from the book), who's running to jump on a running horse at point near where I'm standing, but the horse passes to soon, and she misses. She falls to the ground of to the side, beyond the dusty ring. And that's when the lion pounces and starts biting her hip. Then suddenly it's me being mauled, and it switches to trying to grip my throat. I struggle, trying to kick it, and then getting cigarette lighter out of my pocket, light it, and set fire to its mane, to scare it off. But then I remember it's mainly the lionesses that hunt, so there isn't a mane, so I trying burning anywhere I think will be sensitive, but that doesn't work, so then I start bashing it with the lighter, trying to damage its eyes, (I know that's supposedly what one does with sharks, but figuring any visual based hunter will value its eyes more than a potential meal. Which is quite reasonable logic for a dream). And then about this point I start thinking about snakes, and wake up.

All of which is very odd.

Especially as for most dreams (usually other people's) I can come up with fairly convincing analogies with the dreamer's life (not necessarily accurately, and occasionally just done to worry them). But this is just random slightly scary stuff. And it's also strange how the dream, whilst not in black and white, wasn't in colour, like it was a faded film, or was nearly dark.

Once again, most odd.

Anyhoo, I'm off to see if I can find anything less pointlessly introspective to talk about.

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