Thursday, February 19, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen (and the unidentifiable), we have a winner. I was going to back a big hoo-ha about having my 500th (pretend there's a couple of extra noughts in there if you want) reader, but I forgot to check the stats, and so didn't notice that they had appeared on Saturday. So, in aping Casino Avenue's celebration of numbers [See, I have no original thoughts], I manage to make the entire thing a little bit pathetic and rather pointless. So not exactly marvellous stuff then.
And who should this special person happen to be?, who came here without referral. And who publicly advertises his use of Vispa? Yep, a certain aforementioned resident of Charlton.
Is synchronicity the right word?

In other blog news, may I introduce: the girl with the chocolate testicles. Well, a Glaswegian vet student with ingenious puddings. Strangely no archives, but it doesn't read like a new blog, so I can't say much more about it.

More stuff on Google and more new search engines, including another clusterer, Mooter. But Mooter failed the "apple" test (though "apples" worked to find fruit). Apparently it uses past experience with the user to amend results (which works fine until you get a shared computer).
It's not good on finding me though, and has the same problems as Google: ie. "anyhoo" alone works fine, but add blog or blogspot and it can't cope.

And speaking of anyhoo, I'll be off now.

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