Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My God, no spying on people. Die Tracker ist kaput. What will I do? Although strangely depending which page of their site one tries to access one gets 4 different results: Action cancelled (no I didn't), page not found/404, access forbidden/403, or simply a blank page.

Other stuff: isn't it great when someone tells you that you can't have been told something, when they were the one who told me? Well unless there's two people in their office with the same awful accent, the same patterns of speech, the same utterly dismissive attitude.

I have buttock ache. Just the one though. Swimming rocks. Or in my case, like a rock.

Follow up to another thing: Divali's Hindu isn't it?

I have just been asked what I'm giving up for Lent. Er...? When’s that again? Oh, so this particular Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday? That mean Mothering Sunday's[1] sometime soon? Back to the Lent thing...does it have to be something I eat? Or can I give failure up for Lent? Except I'm unlikely to stick to that. Oh, I've also just discovered that you get to cheat on Sundays. Well that explains how 40 days manages to last 8 weeks. I never really thought about it before, as having numbers that don't make sense is a common theme anywhere near Christianity. You want a tin of sardines and some bread to feed how many? Since when have humans lived for a few hundred years? (back when begat was a common word).

[1] March 21st this year (9th of May for all the odd people who live on the wrong side of the Atlantic).

Can I give up chewing gum? As I don't really use it anyway (more a Polo guy), but I do have some, so it's not like I'm giving up something I'd never go near. Admittedly they are a few bits that I inherited with the car, and they've probably fused with the wrapper and anything else in that little cubby hole by now.

Speaking of which, I didn't have to bail it out this morning - because the carpet-pond had frozen.

Putin dismisses entire government. Such a nice man.

Only the Grauniad - in the G2 section of their website is:
Pass notes
No. 2433
Flight 233

Only in the article, they even go as far as to say BA flight 223...It's famous!. Obviously not famous enough for whoever set out the index page.

Yes, I know I'm being pedantic, but when the point of the story is BA changing the number of its flight 223, and the Guardian unintentionally do...


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