Sunday, February 22, 2004

Song in head.
Song in head, going round and round.
Song in head, going round and round, worse than just song in head, as only one line of song.
Song in head, going round and round, worse than just song in head, as only one line of song, going round and round.

And I don't even know what song it is.

The words are "rebel, rebel" and there's a really prominent background riff (?), that sounds like the one in Supergrass's Pumping on your stereo. Hun, hung, hunga-ga-hunga-hunga. Over and over. For days. I am so not impressed.

I'm now trying really hard to think of another song.
And my brains selects Everything is wonderful now (by Everclear, I'm guessing). Or the only two indistinct lines that of it that I know. And strangely my recollection of it ends mid Wa-ho!

Something else, please. Ok, make that something other than the Beach Boys.

Can you see that I have needed, begging for salvation, where [something] used to live, I don't want you to adore me, don't want to ignore me, wahgy-oh-used-to-be, day in, and I wahna-wowse, wearily, oh [louder stuff I can't remember, other than it being louder].

So that'll be Muse then, with Muscle Museum. Which is the only song of the ones above that I knowingly have a copy of. And looking it up of course demonstrates quite how poor I am at remembering music. Though the lyrics site claims it's off the album Hullaballoo. My version's not called that - I think it's Showbiz.

I really must get round to getting buying their later CDs. But I always end up seeing bands and then waiting ages till the CDs get cheaper (and then missing the sales). Still very odd to think of the lead singer not being a nervous gawky guy with floppy hair.

And speaking of music, I've finally got round to unpacking all my CDs (well there's not that many, about two shoe boxes worth), after only [cough] months. And I'm now wondering if it would have been easier to leave them where they were.

Anyhoo, I've got to do stuff, back in a mo (ish).

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