Monday, February 02, 2004

Thom Yorke on Hutton in the Guardian. Pretty much what you'd expect. And godforsaken? It doesn't seem a very Radiohead-y concept to believe in God (which there must be if a country is to be forsaken of it).

This whole Hutton thing really hasn't worked out as planned has it? On one side there's Campbell blasting merrily away (that's when he's not describing Bush as "brighter than he looks", and then trying to retract the implications of that), on the other the sainted Dyke damning all and sundry. Though it really doesn't bode well when he states that a [paraphrasing here] denial from the government's press office isn't a denial, it just means they don't want it published. And then Dyke starts giving examples. Did Campbell and Blair never hear of the boy who cried wolf?

Other stuff:
The Observer writes about the contents of yesterday's This World [BBC2]: Gassing experiments in prison camps, and other reasons why North Korea ain't so great. One point it raised was the unwillingness of many parties (particularly South Korea) in facilitating a regime or cultural change, some even going so far as continuing to prop up the regime. Presumably it costs less to pay to keep North Koreans in North Korea, than would be the cost to South Korea's, and the region's, economies of poor, unskilled North Koreans turning up on their respective doorsteps.

Speaking of unskilled: an article worthy of linking, if only for the headline - 1 in 10 workers "incompetent". Admittedly that's according to their bosses (and they don't seem to have examined whether the employees' failings are linked to those of their managers).

And while I'm on the subject - oh what fun the news channels are having with having a reason to mention "intelligence" and "Bush" in the same sentence or screen. Cue ITV news with a picture of Bush, at his most ape like, and the caption of "Intelligence Inquiry". Presumably they thought "Intelligence?" on its own was going a bit far. Whereas BBC News 24 is sticking with the staid and the dull (this mean they're trying to not attract attention to themselves? I wonder why?).

Oh, apparently it's not my fault the writing here is bad - it's yours for being so flighty and fickle. Well at least it makes a change from the endless babble about wardrobe malfunction, and some people playing a ball game (that no-one else bothers with).

Anyhoo, that'll do for now.

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