Wednesday, February 04, 2004




Tick - here am I, waiting for an email, waiting for an email sending me a form, a form I was supposed to fill in, that no-one told me I had to fill in, a form no-one told me existed, a form that was the third in a set of two, when I was told to fill in both forms - Tick - a form that is being emailed, that I must hurry to return, a form that has not come, a form who's contents are unknown, checking an unknown subject. But writing about the monotonous waiting is nearly as dull as doing it, so I'll stop now. I don't know why I was saying "tick" though - I can't stand things that tick, so all the mechanical clocks have been banished to an unwound exile.

Hurry up, I'm not going to have a chance to do it after noon.


I think I'll go and read blogs.
Blogger FP - hmm, not a great selection, the only good one was this, and it doesn't really count (though at least it shows originality).

I've even checked the junkmail folder. Still nothing, and I have to start preparing for other stuff.

PS. Tick.

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