Tuesday, February 03, 2004

A yay and a damn. Some kind soul has sent me the screen shots of the end positions of the blocks for the last few levels of Gridlock. Unfortunately, he can't remember how he got there, and I can't figure it out. So having sought out aid, and found it, I still can't do it. That means I cheated and still couldn't win. Which is downright insulting and infuriating.

Still can't do the last matches one [the one where you have to not make squares] either (not that I've been trying much).

And what's Coherence Engine been sniffing? Somehow apoptosis is not a word I'd usually associate with The Who.

How dense am I - seeing S+N writing about a series of experiments which play on the assumptions made in committing people, and thinking "oh, what a coincidence, that was in something else recently...what was it? Oh yes the Guardian at the weekend", and then I notice the link...to the Guardian. Sorry, I forget that as long as I can read SMH and the NYT, people in Pittsburgh can do the same with UK papers.
And his noise background is still annoying my eyes. I'm now trying to work out if it's generated anew each time it's loaded, and if there's a signal buried deep within it.

Argh! Google's celebrating Gaston Julia, which means fractals agogo (well ok so I assumed they were meant to be fireworks when I first saw it).

What's this - some random people are doing Wonderwall on Radio 1. Eeek! it really doesn't need the club-remix computerised snare in the background. Apparently they were Jamieson[1], and Jo Whiley just praised it (ok so the singing wasn't bad, it was just the all the extraneous junk going on at the same time). Has she no shame? Well, I suppose not while the people are still in the studio...
[1] Coincidentally one of the "best of new British music" according to the blurb here. But it also includes a sister of a famous annoying guy.

Hmm, getting distracted by the blogmire, largely care of City Comforts and his links. Much good stuff on the built environment and resultant interactions (or vice versa), but I'll leave this till a later date.


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