Thursday, March 18, 2004

Blatantly ripped straight from Casino Avenue[1]. Will Young does Outkast's Hey Ya. Good god, has this man no shame? It's like a very slow car crash. Shake it, shake it, shake it like Rolf Harris's Wobbleboard.

[1] Note to self: I must stop typing that as Casio Avenue.
[2] Note to musicians and other singery type people: Only cover songs that were originally crap, as then the only way is up (and surely it's time for a revival of that classic. Yazz or something, wasn't it?).

I seem to be managing to hear a bewildering array of covers of Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River - all of which make me think (against my will) that despite his assorted faults, the boy can sing, and make things sound good. Whereas Jamie Cullum comes out as a croaky old man trapped in a young boy[3], who can't be arsed to sing half the notes. And the Lost Prophets do the same song, only louder. Get thee some originality.

[3] Minor typo, that should read "young body".

What has the world come to, that I openly discuss the merits of a former member of...N'sync [? I think that's the right boy band]. I shall have to skulk off now, all embarrassed, yet another Indie kid gone bad.



Wow, isn't packing fun?

Especially when you manage to find an old bottle of DEET (insect repellent), and shake it to see if there's any left. Well, it had some in it. Hmm, there's nothing like the smell of DEET in the morning (well, afternoon actually), to make you think of impossible lizards in Tanzanian hotel rooms (it had climbed a long way, and judging by the amount it fell off, wasn't very good at it). Though it's not as hot here, but it is much warmer than it has been - when did we last have snow? Quite recently. Though as soon as I'm about to disappear off to warmer climes, it gets warm enough to have the windows open here (bearing in mind the house has no heating at the moment). Typical.

Anyhoo, sorry this is a rather poor post, but I'm somewhat distracted (has anyone seen my sunglasses? I know I had them...9 months ago).

So I bid you adieu, and I may be gone some time...
(Though hopefully not as long as the guy who originally said that).

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