Friday, March 05, 2004

Bonsoir à tous ceux qui recherchent le lyrique au thème de Belleville Rendezvous (du film eponymous, qui est également connu comme The Triplets of Belleville ou Les Triplettes de Belleville). On peut trouver la version française en cliquant ici. Or in other words, those who are turning up here looking for the lyrics to the song Belleville Rendezvous, click on the "ici" above.

And sorry if the French is a bit odd - but I tried doing it myself, realised it wasn't very good, and so got Babelfish to do it.

And why does the IMDB say "if you like this title, we also recommend...Eddie Izzard: dressed to kill". Um, ok. Is it the one where he switches into French, and does half of it in mime anyway, so the language doesn't matter? Or is it a different one? Personally I'm not quite getting the connection. I'm now trying to remember if the grandmother uses a "hud-da-da-da" on the cyclist's legs as well as a rotary whisk. And for those who don't get the "hud-da-da-da" connection, watch more Izzard (it's an old-fashioned carpet beater that was incredibly inefficient [I speak from very bitter personal experience], but as I said, watch Mr Izzard for more).

Anyway, back to BR (the film not the aged railway thing). There's another version of lyrics on the IMDB message boards, complete with a translation.

Other stuff:
Not much to say. Swimming went, er, swimmingly (well ish). The last 419 I got made me laugh - Given that the any_hoo address has only appeared here, and I make reference quite frequently to the fact that I am in the UK, what would you make of an email from someone claiming they want help getting money out of Zimbabwe. And you want me? A guy in the UK to open a British bank account, so you can transfer your money out of a dodgy Zimbabwean bank account? Um, could you have picked a more unlikely combination? The UK isn't exactly popular with the powers that be in Zimbabwe. And I think it's quite difficult getting any money out of there at the moment, let alone direct to a bank belonging to [insert whichever Mugabe quote along the lines of "Britain is the head of an evil Orwellian empire" you find funniest].
But you obviously don't bother to notice details like that, you just glean emails addresses from websites, and send off the same thing to thousands of people, very some random text appended to the end to make sure it gets through the anti-spam.

Strangely much of the current crop of spam is using text lifted from UK governmental sites, so there's writing about the Department of Work and Pensions' tax issues surrounding penile enlargement offers.

Oh, and as for the guy searching for "standard life" tv ad amelie rip off - I originally was referring to the earlier adverts (hence the October posting), and wasn't sure if it was coincidental that the style was similar to Amelie, but having seen the latest (complete with the fluttering heart), I'm beginning to wonder if the makers of the film can sue...
So yep I quite agree with the meaning of the search.
And going back and looking at the original posting, golly, I do get indignant sometimes, don't I?

Anyhoo, that'll do for now.

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