Monday, March 08, 2004

More goodness from government. Scientist 'gagged' by No 10 after warning of global warming threat. The story seems to have emerged in a slightly odd way, but it's still a little worrying that criticism of the government and "friends" is not allowed.

A silly article currently doing the blogosphere rounds. Gay marriage equals fire and brimstone, doesn't it? Apparently not. Oh well. But the author's had fun playing one of the all time favourite bible-based games - quoting the bits that those who use the bible as proof of their arguments carefully don't quote. I wonder what he's keeping the trump card, of the bit about the virgins and the goats, for?

But it is worrying how much the Christian God is dragged into American media and politics. Many in those groups seem to confuse secularism with heathenism, and to whom both of which are unspeakably bad.

Or did he speak to soon? A plague of mutant frogs rains down on Sodom Central, otherwise known as Weston-super-mare in Somerset. Except they're not mutated, merely developmentally fused, and there's not a plague of them, but at the most three, except they move as one, and they didn't exactly rain, more hopped. So maybe the vengeful wrath stuff is coming next week.

And finally, any one else remember the joy that was General Studies? It's like PSE cubed[X]. Well now there's a blog for it. Just what the world needs. Though fortunately I did the science, maths and languages one (which involved figuring out how far up a wall a ladder would reach, and being able to work out what "exit" is in French), and so skipped the endless essays on "should art be taxed?". Oh and apparently (according to the blog) it's not even a proper whole A-level any more (like it ever was a "proper" A-level).

[X] Personal and Social Education for all those lucky people who didn't have to do it. Cue: attempted debates on euthanasia and abortion (strangely no-one in our class wanted to argue against it, much to the chagrin of the Head who was taking the class). Really bad careers advice, which consisted off filling in the all new and wonderful Kudos (do I strongly agree with the statement "I enjoy caring for the elderly/sick children/sick animals"), and having to study sheets that talked about being a "Tarmacadam placement technician". The RE (religious education) section was great - condoms are evil and give people AIDS, there are other religions, but there is only "one true faith", and there is most definitely a hell. And it was only after we finished the term that we found out that the other classes got the teacher to demonstrate meditation, and just walked out. And then there was sex education. Which was sponsored by Tampax, so all females look a bit like a ram's head, pregnancy didn't happen (presumably it dampens tampon sales), and also neither did sex, due to the continual bleeding. The rest of the section by the same teacher could be basically surmised as "drink, sex, drugs and rock and roll: all are great, but you must never have anything to do with any of them".

It's very odd being told about safe sex when A. Sex Is Bad, B. The RE woman says safe sex will kill you. C. The headmaster says unprotected sex will kill you. D. Condoms were banned in school. E. It's being taught by the only teacher who enforces the no-make-up, minimal jewellery, and hem-line length rules. The one who thinks that loose ties are the mark of the devil, and girls in trousers are wrong, despite what the school uniform rules say (that they were permissible if it was below a certain temperature - which meant they could be allowed in the morning, and illegal by the afternoon). This from the same school that ruled thin, unribbed, white cotton socks were the only socks boys should be seen in (have you ever tried finding anywhere that still sells them?).

So from Apocalypse [not quite] Now to bless his little cotton socks: I think that's enough range for today's bloggeration.

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