Thursday, April 22, 2004

Having managed to lose the end that last post, I'll stick the stuff in here.

Continuing the random spellings theme, I remembered this poem designed as an instrument of torture for people learning English.

Via Wikipedia, via Brownian Movement, via Blogger's FP, I just found out that the "e" in "eBay" isn't modelled on the e for electronic pattern of "email" and "ecommerce". It stands for Echo.

Apparently there's been a train crash involving a train carrying fuel in North Korea.
The Straits Times, Singapore [AP].
Korean Central News Agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [North Korea] strangely doesn't mention it. Though it does offer some insightful comments about events like the Iranian Ambassador's Reception, such as "Speeches were made there".

The Chinese People's Daily does not yet carry the news, nor does Xinhua. Strangely none of the news sites round that part of Asia seem to be carrying it - I don't know whether this is for some censorship reason, or simply because the sites do not update regularly [and that's of the sites I can get to work, as some never load, some have been suspended, and some slowly come up, and under the title "Aussie woman..." the story says "British researcher..." in the first paragraph. And that story dates from 2002].

It seems very strange that best sources of information are those located the furthest away from the origin of the news story. But such is life.


PS. Can anyone find a site that makes use of the North Korean internet domain of .kp? All I've found is either hosted by the Japanese, or simply a .com (including the Governmental site[1]. Maybe .com in this case stands for .communist)

[1] Along the many languages the site is translated into is Esperanto. I don't think even the BBC run to that.

And am I the only one to find communist propaganda rather sweet in an archaic way? But I think only I would look at school girls doing dances in unison, and think of the von Trapp family in the Sound of Music.

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