Monday, April 19, 2004

Oh, hello again Mr Dialer.6.G, so nice to see you.

Can anyone explain why, if I click on blogs the recently published list on Blogger's FP, my virus scanner often picks up a Dialer.6.G file [gvx143uts6m_wall[1].exe] in the Temporary Internet Files folder pretty soon afterwards? And I've not got any other internet activity going on (that I know of). I think Blogger may need to figure out why or how it's happening, as it's not really encouraging me to go blog-exploring. And I'm guessing if it's happening to me, then it's probably happening to someone else out there. So if it keeps happening people will stop clicking, and Blogger needs clicks to all its blogs to maintain the business.

And also it's damn annoying as the virus scanner manages to hang every time it happens. Which given it takes this computer ages to load, gets slightly irritating.

The search engines must be getting bored again (and so must I be to include it)...

Ask brings us: Where can I find a poll that was already taken on cars? Um, this is me how? Oh, because it's Ask (no relation of the restaurant that turns out to be a chain) and I'm bound to have mentioned the words "poll" and "cars". And probably "already".

Real (real do search?) brings us: SMarteenies, in which I outrank B3ta, and the first result is IMDB for which the blurb includes "Plot Summary" (which presumably is something along the lines of "glitter meets glue, glue stalks glitter, battered glitter escapes, lives happily ever after down crack between floorboards").

Yahoo brings us: "bad presentation" "over excited". It never occurred to me that enthusiasm could be a problem.

Google brings us: "BBC Parliament" general election repeats. Which I didn't even know they did. It must be very odd watching all of the swingometer stuff when one's not struggling to stay awake.

Google and UMIST brings us: "tomorrow's world" mouse trap. Is it me, or is there something innately "ah bless" about someone from a university known for it's scientific prowess looking up Tomorrow's World?

Google also brings us: daniel cbeebies big cook little cook...cardboard fish? That'll just be me then?

Earthlink and Level3 in Atlanta brings us: NOT CUNTO CHARGE PORN. See I told you Americans knew how to do dignified.

And I think I just invented a new word - dignifired. I'm not sure what it means yet - either to leave a job before you are pushed, or to lose a job because one maintained certain principles. Sounds good anyway.

Anyhoo, as I just realised this post consists of nothing much, I'd better stop.

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