Saturday, April 03, 2004

Well, I'm back.

And it's cold! (though I'd probably class it as warm had I not been away).

And I have no idea what the time is. Fortunately Windows does. There's nothing like leaving under GMT and coming back under BST to really throw any attempt at avoiding jetlag.

Hmm, I've just noticed my watch is still on Antiguan time [GMT -4, BST -5].

So what have I missed in my sailing, volcanoing, diving, electioneering [more on this story later] adventure? Assorted deaths (though I heard about Alistair Cooke through the grapevine), some Labour hoo-ha (anyone care to explain?), terrorism a-go-go, international politics doing the hokey-cokey, Israel being stupid, the boat race (apparently as dignified as ever), and the last ever episode of Sex and the City (I know that was aeons ago in the US, but I already said the UK is in a different timezone, in more ways than one).

So then I get home in time to watch the Grand National [big horse race], and manage to fall asleep, only to wake up to Will Smith and a distinct lack of fences and legs breaking. Oh well. It was my own silly fault for trying to watch Master and Commander on the plane last night/this morning (and no, I don't know which timezone that was in). I still didn't manage to watch the thing.

Anyhoo, I'm not really sure what I'm doing, other than saying "I'm back" and trying to catch up with other people's blogs, which, given the time it took to do Casino Avenue, might take some time. It didn't help that I'm too out of it to notice that March 2003 isn't last month.

Which reminds me that I also missed April Fool's Day (see Cas-Av's post from the 1st). Strangely they don't seem to go in for it on Montserrat. But their world's surreal enough already.

Anyhoo, that's about it for now (at about five and twenty to five pm Antiguan time).

Over-hearing news from another room. Yet more terrorism activity in Spain.

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