Saturday, May 22, 2004

Breaking News!

Happened to be watching the cricket test match - England vs. New Zealand. Not really paying attention. Someone hits a 4, and the ball trundles towards the boundary. It hits the boundary rope, skips up over the advertising hoardings. The ball is now flying into the spectator seats. Various fans rise to catch it. The people in the first row miss it. A guy in the second row gets his hand to it. But he can't catch it as his other hand is holding his pint of beer. However his hand has taken the power out of the ball, so it starts falling. The man fumbles after it. The ball lands in his glass. The man has a slightly stunned look, then holds the glass of beer and ball aloft to the crowd cheering (and someone behind him telling him to take it out).

The ball is retrieved, returned to umpires who um and ah about using it. One of the players is licking it. The commentators aren't quite sure what to say, as they don't know which rule this falls under. The ball is replaced, play continues, I come to blog.

Now to see if the news agencies have got the story yet. Links coming soon.


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