Saturday, May 08, 2004

Brownie Points?

You mean they're still legal currency? I thought they'd succumbed to inflationary pressures long ago (either that or been replaced by the Smug, Karmic Unit or possibly the Euro). But apparently they are still in use today, and worth 50 Rupees apiece. Read more at the Delhi-ite's blog (with a curiously high incidence of the number 42).

So what's the conversion rate into other point scoring mechanisms, such as the Taking-out-stupid-people Scale [1], and the And-another-thing Mark [2]?

[1] The system whereby you gain points for theoretically running over a pushchair that a mother has just left (out of sight) behind your car when the engine is running [What did she think the reversing lights meant?]. You also score highly for mortally wounding, with a cucumber, the old couple standing in front of supermarket shelves (and conveniently using their trolleys and assorted wherewithal to block access) bickering over the price of potatoes. Again this is only in your mind, as real application of the ideas will gain you points on a rather different scale.

[2] The defence used in arguments in which, if you are outgunned on one topic (i.e. the car keys were in your pocket the whole time), one brings in other topics to counter this loss. Other topics may include: you are ready consistently ready earlier to go out, you don't waste money buying reduced stuff that isn't needed/buying stuff full-price just before or after a sale [delete as applicable], it would have been quicker to walk anyway, etc. While it is technically possible to become fabulously wealthy in reference to the AATMark, such acquisition often leads to impoverishment in indices of wealth, such as units on the Friendship Exchange.

Hmm, perhaps blood sugar level does influence writing. Can you tell that despite it being ten past four I haven't quite got round to eating breakfast yet. But don't worry, the world's only swaying slightly.

That said, this probably isn't the best time to get into discussion of sites such as this - Being Christian and Gay. No, it's not a blog about a married couple living in Wiltshire (both mid-forties, he a landscape gardener, she a music teacher, no children, but assorted nieces and nephews, collie called Hal). No, it's rather more literal than that. It beings with the statement "My Gay Brothers and Lesbian Sisters". Nice inclusive statement that. Apparently gay people are the chosen ones [does that mean Neo's gay?]. Well, it's a very different take on it to the-former-mouse's [though the index is gone, the archives remain, at his old address].

Maybe I should have gone to Brighton after all. Got rung up yesterday and told about a gathering today, except it wasn't by the person whose gathering it is. So I have a few details, an unanswered phone number, and er that's it. And the only person I know is going is the one who tried converting me over pizza. And the trains seem to think it necessary to go via London (what about that line that goes through Gatwick? And we're not even getting into the complications of the return journey), to cost at twice as much as driving, to take over twice as long, except of course, I'm guessing there'll be parking restrictions at the other end, so driving could be just as bad (but of course I've no idea due to not knowing Brighton, and not having contact with the host) . And I haven't gone yet, and it's cold and rainy, and I don't really feel like it.

And I'm making up stupid excuses I know I'll regret later, but I'm just not feeling happy, and being around this group of people [3], and going out drinking, is only going to amplify that.

[3] They're nice (well, the ones who don't hate me outright), but being with them without certain others, just doesn't feel rewarding. It feels cold and stilted, the fun has to be planned, there's no spontaneity, there's just a dull reflection of me, which isn't a comforting impression. It always feels so despairing, as each character lapses into shyness, propriety or defensive arrogance. And I'm like the rest of them, unable to change things.

I know that my inability to act is my fault, based on several long-running problems, but being with them emphasises it. It just feels like a cycle of negativity, so I blame them for it, and stupidly try to avoid them, even though I'm the one doing most of the peddling [thinking back to last time, quite a few of them do it as well].

Hmm, such a joyous post. Except even trying the ultimate distraction (or possibly displacement activity) of blogging only serves to remind me of all the uncompleted posts [for uncompleted read haven't even started yet].

Maybe unintentional fasting isn't a good idea.

As for the other stuff, maybe next time.


PS. Anyone else ever got bored enough to fiddle with MS Word, and finally get round to figuring out how Mail Merge works? Though I'm still not bored enough to figure out why Defrag won't get past 50% (done scandisk, done Alt-Ctrl-Delete everything to death, done emptying out all the temp files, done repeating all this in safe mode, done checking for viruses, done de-Fun Love-ing the computer involving much Dos and boot-disks, when there was no infection to start with, done pretty much anything any support website or group suggests [I had a very fun Friday night, as you can tell], done running out of things to have done).

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