Thursday, May 06, 2004

Comforting to know [the title of an article on the NASA website]: With Rockets, the Pointy End Usually Goes First ...

This from the country that brought the world al-Hurra television [the flagship station of the al-Gung-ho network [1], and sister channel to the children's entertainment channel, al-hip-hip-hooray]. When I first saw the name I assumed it was derived from some coincidental Arabic word. And then I learn it's a US mouthpiece. They may as well call it al-we-rock.

[1] Or should that be "...of al-Gung-ho...", seeing as "al" is "the".

Oh, according to the website ALHURRA means "the free one". So it's convenient it's comes out sounding good in English (unlike Furkhofstrasse in Munich [blatantly nicked from the astronaut-cum-geneticist]).

Hmm, and so much for doing all the stuff I meant to be adding to this blog. I think I'm going to go and watch Yes Minister (BBC2 about 10 minutes ago).


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