Sunday, May 23, 2004

First things first:

Watching a random programme on ITV. The end of the section comes up, there's corporate plug for another programme, and then onto the adverts proper. The plug was a quick flash of a simple screen bearing the words "Hell's Kitchen". The first advert up was for KFC[1]. 'Nuff said.

[1] That Family Feast one in which the entire family has hair the colour of baked beans and fried batter. Personally I can't see ad exec's reasoning for this monotone bonanza.

Why are Mayflies called Mayflies? Is it because they come out in May, or because they hover over the may (hawthorn blossom)? I really ought to know this, but only get as far as knowing they're Ephemeroptera (because they keel over very quickly and have got wings. Biologists aren't very imaginative when naming things. Hence ubiquitin is pretty much ubiquitous).

Big egg thingOh great, even he's doing it now. I refer of course to the great race for city hall. We have the local news discussing nothing else. People in the streets are talking about it. Somehow this is one election that has actually entered the public consciousness, and people know for whom they want to vote. One slight problem though. We're not in London. We don't get to vote. And if we were on the other side of the hill, our news would be full of Southampton's elections. Oh well, back to voting for a school-friend's mother it is then.

And in a reversal of the situation there's an election for leader of the free world [ok so the candidates are the American ones, but it's what the US presidency pretty much amounts to]. At the moment Nader has 53%, Kerry 42% and Bush is trailing pathetically (at the moment he'd lose his deposit). And the list of countries isn't exactly exhaustive. And to the Americans out there - who the hell is Kucinich?


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