Monday, May 03, 2004

Grr. GM stuff. Primarily about transgenic fish being created for sheer novelty value, which is not the greatest idea ever. But the story ends talking about anti-microbial milk:

"The other thing is of course that if the milk's anti-microbial, and we have it in dairy cows, you could argue that it's going to be healthier for a child to drink that milk."

Excuse me? Well, you could argue that, but do you think giving people anti-microbial drinks is really a sensible thing to do? What about all the bacteria in our guts that do a fair amount of our digestion for us? You really think wiping those out is wise? I guess, if you have shares in Yakult.

So is it healthier? Well, presumably people who drink this milk will be less likely to consume damaging levels of microbes. But people tend not to drink lumpy milk that smells of cheese anyway. And if it's pasteurised I doubt there's much improvement on the healthiness of the milk.

So there's no real gain, and a pretty significant potential loss from drinking this drink. So one whilst one could argue it is healthier, I'm not sure one would want to try.

All this to stop milk going off for a while longer? Is it really worth it?


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