Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Hip Hip Hooray!

Neil Armstrong at German for Beginners has stuck me on his blogroll. And while milling about on his site, I discovered that he's ranked 964th on blogshares, and I'm 900th. He pays to play, and I don't. He is currently playing (18/05/04), and I gave up ages ago (07/01/04) [1], and my portfolio has been drifting ever since. Though his 12813.29% growth slightly trumps mine at 9.26%. Oh well. Hang on, does this mean that the only reason he linked me is to create a feedback ring to boost his share price? I'm carefully not going to consider that.

[1] Ever since I discovered that I own the address ending .com but not the one ending .com/. And which is the one that gets the links? And does Blogshares "suggest an alternative URL" option work? Kinda takes the fun out of it.

Anyway, back to his blog. It is good, if only because I've got my first ever hit from a Slovenian. Thank you Mr Ipconnect. He also fulfils the vital function of writing about the press that one doesn't bother to read. So whilst the guy at Casino Avenue slams [and thus mentions] the contents of the Sun, Mirror and Evening Standard [ok, and pretty much every other paper out there], Mr Armstrong does the same for the Daily Mail [who think Americans are too German]. Speaking of newspapers one shouldn't admit to reading: The Guardian have a rather indecisive piece on the new stem cell bank. Being the Guardian they work on the principle anything scientific is bad, anything they don't understand is worse, but if it's medicine that might be ok. I think they want to tubthump against it, but aren't sure how many readers they'll lose [2]. Note the curious use of the word "easily" in the following: Scientists acknowledge, however, that the technology used to clone cells for this purpose - so-called therapeutic cloning - could easily be misused to actually clone people. [3].

[2] Apparently the mini-Indy hasn't been good for their sales. Which is odd, as those who buy the Guardian and commute tend to sit reading the tabloid G2 anyway.

[3] Considering it was the first story on the front page of today's paper, that article was incredibly hard to find on their website.

Something else to clutter up my brother's bedroom window (enough though he doesn't leave there anymore): A new tower in Deptford [next to the gaudy new blocks of One SE8, which somehow look like they are refurbished cheap 60s blocks]. From One Man and His Blog [great name] via the Charlton Media Junkie [Cas Av]. 1M+HB also reminded me of the presence of City Comforts, a blog largely about urbanism and architecture [and who is currently covering Prescott's design rules which I mentioned last Wednesday].

And is anyone else discovering that Blogger doesn't work so well in Netscape. IE's keeled over, and everything in Netscape seems to be full of little glitches.

This post reads like I'm putting off doing something else, doesn't it? Oh well.


Unfortunately, any cross-linking between GfB and Any-hoo isn't likely to make me enough cash to get investigated for insider-trading.

Actually, I'm not exactly a fan of the Daily Mail and don't read it - I just got that article sent to me by my mum, because of the German reference. As a rule I'll read the Guardian and the Telegraph and reckon that the reality may lie somewhere inbetween. Maybe. But I do like your like your description of the Guardian's approach to science/medicine. And compard to the Telegraph I can actually do their crossword.
I didn't mean to imply you were a Mail fan [is anyone really?].

As for the other stuff: I'm not sure Blogshares money is worth enough to make cheating worthwhile.
And can any one person complete an entire Telegraph crossword? Quite honestly I usually get stuck on the last two clues in the quick one in back of G2.

And how big is that "Maybe"?
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