Friday, May 28, 2004

Hurrah, the site is back.

Unfortunately this means I see his latest comment. How the hell do I respond to this?

Other than the obvious, "yes I did, shame some of the other results weren't quite on a par" [admittedly pretty much everyone I know got an A for that as well]. And am I allowed to blame genetics? As anyone on my mother's side of the family is quite capable of carrying on 6 different conversations at once. Unsurprisingly my brother and I tend to get nicknames based on our sheer randomness. I've yet to find any reliable use for this feature though. Not even pub quizzes [I'd forget the Republic of Ireland includes part of Ulster, and fail to remember how to spell Connacht. The others are Munster and Leinster by the way].

I'm all embarrassed now.

And he would bloody well do that right after I've written one of my most self-indulgent and uninteresting posts. Guess I'll have to scratch today's bit about flowering reeds and fish presumed to be roach then.


PS. This isn't fair - now I'm worrying about people actually reading this thing. But don't worry, I'm sure it won't last.
PS2 [not a playstation plug]. "disturbing": I don't think I've ever had that description before. Oh well.

I always respond by saying that my "Maths with Stats" A level teacher was really poor - it's not my fault..... But the General Studies was a doddle. 100 questions about "random stuff" - I wished they had the A* grade when I did it......
Well, if I'm ever in Surrey (it could happen - it might cost me my Durham miners organisation membership, but it could happen) I reckon we'd be a formidable pub quiz team...... Incidentally, I have to organise a pub quiz for next Tuesday - do you have an e-mail address I can send spam to? I mean, important questions....
Maths with Stats? Ouch. I gave up after a year of just normal A level maths.

As for the pub quiz thing, the email addy at the bottom of my posts does work - any_hoo[at] Though I can't guarantee I'll be of any use whatsoever.
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