Thursday, May 20, 2004

I want one.

It's a yacht, a rather big yacht. The corporate site has a comparison to a J-class, in which it dwarfs the J. J-class yachts are pretty huge. I presume the jacuzzi and swimming pool aren't intended for use when she's under sail.

She's got a full keel draft of 10 metres, retracted of 4. The BBC claims it'll stop her getting in both New York and Sydney, but I'm not sure if they've included the retracting bit, and they don't cite which ports in those cities they are referring to. But then one news story said it was built in Portsmouth, one Southampton. 75m long though - just thinking of the berthing fees.

Shame she's probably going to spend most of her time at anchor off Monaco or somewhere.

I'm also curious: on the corporate website it says there are also the Mirabella and Mirabella III. Other than the oddity of naming successive boats the same thing (people usually wait till the first one's been sunk, scrapped or sold to the Americans), I wonder what happened to the even numbered Mirabellas?


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