Monday, May 10, 2004

[A post that will probably be identical to that on millions of other blogspot blogs]

Eeek! What have they done?

The internal bits of Blogger are all wrong. And they're beige. It all looks big and chunky (and user-friendly in the way that always annoys the long-term users). And I can't read my old posts whilst typing the new ones. This feature is really going to get annoying.

The layout isn't great though. The graphics seem fragile to say the least - backgrounds that disappear, buttons that vanish, icons in beige that partially overhang the white background, but the background jumps when the mouse moves over them [and reverts a while later].

Ok, so it does have funky new features, such as emailing posts and commenting [1], but as I have no idea how either works they'll have to stay as funky new features, until I try experimenting [which will probably mean large chunks of this blog stop working].

[1] Cue the sound of Haloscan shares crashing.

So what does anyone else make of this new look Blogger?

Excuse me while I go and experiment.


Is this working yet?
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