Tuesday, May 25, 2004

[Whimpering in a corner].

Viewers of a sensitive disposition look away now. Oh sorry, that was a bit late wasn't it?Blantantly cribbed from Slovak for Beginners [perhaps], is this illustrated article on eyelid piercing. I don't know why, but the eyes are the only bit of the body I'm really squeamish about. It's not the experimental piercing per se that worries me (door/nail incidents not withstanding), but this comment in the conclusion: Even eyeball tattooing ... is considered a “safe” procedure, as is the implantation of metal designs under the white of the eye.

Eyeball tattooing. I can taste a-few-hours-old weetabix. Nice.

And the personality test linked from NA's site gave the same result as the last one of those I did. I'm still not convinced this is me (or perhaps a me I'd want to admit to being). Ok, so there is the possibility it might be right, as I just tried lining the top of the picture up with same pixel line as the top of the text [which of course might only work with the font Blogger uses in it's preview window].

Random search of the day: Getting flashed doing 100mph - at that spend you'd hardly have time notice the guy in the mac, let alone see anything to offend you.


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