Thursday, June 17, 2004

From today's G2:
Artfully folded so that only the red shows, the flag can be tucked jauntily into either the left or right back pocket of your trousers, in order to signify that you're either a ... oh, look it up on the internet.

Someone clue me in, what is the man talking about? Being bored [um procrastinating, but isn't everyone?], I tried looking it up. The great god Google comes up with only pages on magic and really poor nostalgic fiction [Publishers rejecting you, losing confidence? Validate your life: post your story to our "too awful to get advertisers, so we just have the blank space" site. Scores of people will read it. Literally, about 3 score according to the counter. And most of those are going to be people looking for something unrelated (well, not that many people are going to get there by searching "piss-poor fiction, which the reader usually feels they could do better, and appears to be written by someone who doesn't what they are writing about, and really could do with discovering the concept of research", especially as that exceeds Google's ten word limit].

Anyway so what is symbolism of having red protruding from one's rear trousers pocket (whether left or right)? I'm guessing it's one of to things; something to do with sex, or possibly being a freemason [or maybe both].

And what is it about the Scissor Sisters? (maybe it's their natty red handkerchiefs). Or more precisely their song "Laura". Which has forced me to listen to radio stations from the other side of the world to escape it's incessant airplay. The song itself isn't that irritating, merely it being on 3 radio stations sequentially [do you think they realised they'd gained listeners avoiding Laura on another station and thought "can't be having that, gotta shift them along", and so play the same thing?].

Oh great, and now said Australian station is playing that "Danger, danger, high voltage" thing by the people who brought you the wonder that is "Gay bar! Gay bar! Gay bar!". Both of which rank as annoying without the added incentive of overplaying.

But fortunately it's moved that Garbage? I've probably got this on CD then. I really must start listening to things beyond the core 5 CDs.

Continuing the Antipodean theme, what do you make of this article in SMH, by none other than John Howard [the relevant PM]. I'm surprised any politician's office would put out something that reeks so much of what it's not saying. What it is saying isn't exactly great, but even that is poorly handled. But you have to love the bit for not ratifying Kyoto [paraphrased, but not by much]: well China's not doing it, so why should we? Great argument that. By the way, did you know China's also not doing democracy, most definitions of freedom, human rights or equality?

Hurrah, the thunderstorm song - Teardrop by Massive Attack [love, love is a verb, love is doing word].

Anyhoo, I think I smell burning (and I don't mean the lingering smell of a common upwind somewhere going up in flames).

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