Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I must stop being curious.

Clicking on the recently published section on Blogger's FP, I found this blog. Other than linking this unusual story about Mugabe's ongoing problems [which can only be a good thing, more here], his site is a little odd.

The owner describes himself as a ducker and diver, and hopes for more terrorist acts in the middle east [because he's holding oil bought for more than the current price]. He also appears to run part of a porn website, and has his profile image hosted on a small website dedicated to telecommunications. The latter site is nameless on the its own pages, by a quick Whois shows it being registered to an individual calling themselves "Greatscot" somewhere in the Midlands [when the blog's owner has Glasgow on his profile].

If you hurry you might be the 6th visitor to his site [so it's no surprise Technorati has him down as a null pointser]. But that is since Sunday.

So who is this guy? So far he sounds like he ought to be mafia don in training [there's definitely a tinge of Universal Export to it all]. Or perhaps it's just bloke in a bedroom.


If you read between the lines you'll see I'm actually in Witness Protection. You were right about the oil and right about the porn site though. Keep up the good work and be careful out there..

Tony Riviera
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