Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Is it me:

I don't know what it is, nor what it does, but it's big and shiny, and came up when I searched for images of 'Jet'. Click to be taken to the Queen Mary Uni page it was liberated from. [Scanning the page suggests it's an attempt at a nuclear fusion reactor. See, I knew it had to be something cool. And that's better than a plane, an air current, some stone or a heck of a lot of dogs and horses - which are mostly brown]- Or does that "oh look what you've done, you've made fool of everyone" song by Jet, sound remarkably like a blend of Embrace, Oasis, and with a bit of John Lennon's Imagine thrown in for good measure? Strange that an Aussie group sounds so northern. [lyrics, guitar tab, band's UK website]

- Or is it actually impossible to hear one piece of music when there's another one playing? I think this extends to other senses as well. Think of coffee, think of the smell - you can smell it right? Trying imagining the smell of coffee when sniffing something else, lavender for example. Can you? I think I even do this shutting down in reverse when I'm imagining seeing things, for example when giving directions. My eyes start to shut, and they fixate on something blank and in the middle-distance. Does this incompatibility extend across the senses? Can one imagine a smell and sound at the same time as seeing and touching something?

- Or have the previous posts not been showing up? Oops, my bad, should be fixed now.

- Or in said previous posts was I losing it a bit? Oh well.

- Or are vines fiendishly hard to disentangle once they've fallen away from the wall?

- Or is it very hard to simultaneously cook [and remember one is cooking] and wire back up the errant bits of vine. Much cries of "Oh!" and running to and fro.

- Or do banana plants use up so much water I can never keep pace?

- Or is the phrase "prolier than thou" [ta muchly commentator in Cas Av] much too apt for some people I know.

- Or are remixed versions of songs by Rootjoose just plain confusing [but quite good]. The band apparently are still doing stuff in Australia and New Zealand, according to the recent flurry of search engine hits, even though I thought they split up years ago. Unfortunately the only reference to "she sells taxman" or "she sells tax, man" which was given as the title to the track, by Go Home Productions, is on the listings from Xfm [which is were I heard it].

- Or can Somerfield not understand the concept of a doughnut. They come coated in slime [they use icing sugar to dust them, this does not last well], have magenta sludge in one corner, are equal mix of dry and cloying, and taste disappointing. The magenta sludge is the same colour as the printing on the label that says "raspberry flavour jam filling" or possibly "raspberry jam flavour filling". How anything with that many calories can taste like it doesn't have enough sugar in it, and could do with being made with something other than vegetable oil, I don't understand. It's a doughnut, it's meant to be bad food that makes you feel good [briefly, then your blood sugar slumps and you feel miserable and guilty]. Somehow they've made to skip the feel good bit.

But still conceptually it's better than those new buns Sainsbury's have been selling. They're hot cross buns, based on the traditional Easter model, but with red crosses. No, it's not because some poor minion fell in the machinery, or raspberry-effect-jam-based sabotage by the jealous bakers at Somerfield. But because some clever person thought it would be a good idea to produce baked items representing the St George's cross [see what those bloody Mastercard ads have done now, other than be nicked for use on the BNP's webshite]. Fortunately they haven't been undercooked enough to remain white, so the cross is now red on a golden-brown field [where's that the flag of?]. Admittedly they're still a bit doughy [they were reduced, natch], so might be better toasted. This of course assumes one remembers to turn the toaster down. I didn't, so it came out looking like the Kernow flag. Maybe all England turns into Cornwall if exposed to enough heat.

Though, just a quick thought - are Sainsbury's selling them in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland? What about their shop in Calais?


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