Friday, June 18, 2004

It's one of those days.
In chronological order [if only because I've just had to fill in something "in chronological order", which I did, as it said at the top lots of stuff about reading the instructions carefully. Only I suspect they meant reverse chronological order, as that's the usual form, and they'll probably be annoyed it's the wrong way round]:

-Slept erratically, waking up to panic about something I don't need to panic about.
-Tried having breakfast. Milk, that was fine yesterday, has turned to cheese. I only noticed this when I tried pouring it out and lumps fell out. I can't abandon the concept of cereal altogether, as there are only a couple of crusts of bread left, and they're lunch. Fortunately the milk is solid enough to be scooped out with bits of cereal adhering. Have the rest of the bowl of cereal using orange juice instead of milk. It's not bad, but it's not right.
-Electric razor dies half way through shaving.
-Get shampoo in eyes.
-Run out of deodorant. Can't find spares I bought anywhere. Have to resort to using a roll-on that's about a decade old. Very pungent, stingingly alcoholic, smells slightly vinegary, and won't dry. And it never used to work anyway, and still doesn't.
-Managed to go out without my keys when I'm the only one home and the next set aren't going to be anywhere near for a while. But fortunately the front lock is very knackered, so didn't actually work on this occasion. Yay for postponed maintenance
-Car wouldn't start [but that's usual, and it did eventually].
-Computer gets confused and starts playing Aqualung's "Brighter than Sunshine" stuck on a loop. I was only listening to it to avoid the increasingly dancy music on Triple J. Which I was only listening to in order to avoid annoying voices constantly discussing football [I don't care!]. That and it's yet to play the omnipresent, and by now rather irritating, Laura by the Scissor Sisters [even the pure Rawk! stations have succumbed]. I moaned about this yesterday, didn't I? Oh well.

Sorry, I'm just annoyed by having to do forms which want 300 words for each answer, when the questions are about how one builds one's networks in new situations.

But in other news I've discovered that is one saves .asx files from certain websites, and the queues them up in Windows Media Player [doesn't work in Winamp], then the music plays on demand. So it's like having the cd, except all you do is download it repeatedly. This of course assumes a modicum of broadband, and that you're not actually trying to use the connection for anything else. Basically I got annoyed at having to click on each song individually [but it's very nice of them to let me hear the songs anyway], which coupled with Xfm's dubious set-up means that completely random things happen (or don't happen).

A large selection of tracks can be found at Xfm's Online Listening Post and Sessions Vault. You may have to fill in a form to get it to work - but it doesn't seem to pick up on gibberish entries.
The site I was recreating the CD from was Except having found this cunning feature, my computer is deciding it's had enough, and has just told me I don't have enough memory to shut a window. It's just attention seeking, ignore it.

Hmm, now Blogger is putting "return"s [new line/paragraph] in completely at random. Maybe I ought to stop now.


[Edit: it gets better. The printer has managed to have a paper-jam. Only when you flip the back down, there's nothing there. Pull the tray out: still can't see anything. Turn it on it's side, and there's noting apparently wrong: no scrunched up paper in sight. Open the top flap, and everything seems fine. Try shutting everything and resetting it. There's still an orange LED blinking. Hmm. Repeat dismantling. Take out cartridge. Find a very small tube of tightly rolled paper. How? I don't know.

Try to reassemble. Cartridge won't go back in. Prod, bend and pull clips. No go. Push hard. No go. Try to decode the black on black diagrams on top. No idea. Put back in the same way it was when I put it in the first time. The clips still have nothing to clip onto, but this time aren't blocking the catch for the lid. Shut lid. Printer resets itself, but doesn't seem to know nor care that cartridge can't be in the right place. Starts printing, and it works. Very odd. I just need to remember not to look at it oddly or expose it to any drafts and it might carry on working.

I have black fingers. So what's going to go wrong next? (not A., B. or C. touch wood)].

"Touch wood" .... and the door frame / table collapses....
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