Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Pointless, slightly scary, image of the day. Click to see the connection. Image from http://www.newspad.co.ukIt's Tuesday morning and I'm putting off doing work, so let's have a look at the curious ways people find this site, shall we?

"scissor sisters" derivation. Think lesbians. Think legs. Think blades of scissors. Think interlocking. Think mutually beneficial. No, I'm not drawing a diagram. And if you still haven't figured it out, well, um, imagine the two people lying away from each other so their feet touch. Rotate one of the bodies 90o lengthways. Slide the inside legs of one, up the inside legs of the other. Figure out the rest for yourself.

Apparently. I have no idea why [or how] I know that. Which considering I had to have "rimming" explained to me [whilst taking an internet purity test. My debauchery score wasn't high], this is a little surprising. As for what rimming is, it's Tuesday morning.

singing hamsters flash medias. Sounds like you're searching for the Hamspter Dance [or Hamster Dance, depending which argument you believe, but they appear to have merged]. Except that's not Macromedia Flash, but flash in a not really .gif way.

guitar tab for secret agent man by The Ventures. No idea mate [and I'm guessing neither is anyone else, as the searcher reached result 110]. But the Ventures doesn't sound the like the best band name ever. Because either it sounds like a reference to Venture Scouts [the ones too old for Scouts], or some boardroom business deal.

Best search of the week: "wheRE is" "land rover" "reversing" switch. You might have wanted to ask that before you bought the car [and before you drove forwards into that parking space]. As for giving a useful answer, I'm guessing that from the mention of a switch, that it's not a normal manual we're talking about here, so I have no idea. Next time, by a manual, it's more fun anyway. Try taking the handbrake off and pushing [this is not advice, so please don't sue].

That'll do for now.


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