Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Just in case you missed the hoo-ha over the European Election results, and the sudden increase in support for the UKIP, here's the Indy's take on the party. Comforting, huh? Well at least their gains gave us the sight of Michael Ancram desperately trying to claim UKIP votes were in fact Conservative votes. Ah bless.

More Europolitics stuff. See who you should have voted for with this website. According to them I should have voted for the ELDR [which is nothing to do with those driverless trains that go round Canary wharf]. In this country it is the Lib Dems. Except of course there are few points on which I am diametrically opposed to them, it's just on fewer points than the others. But as many of my answers to Votematch's questions consisted of either "neutral" or "don't know", it probably didn't have much to work with. My interpretation of the full results is below.
Europarl GroupLikeness to meAllied UK party

ELDR++++Lib DemSorry for the poor table, but Votematch gives Javascript results, so there was no convenient graphic to nick. Hence having to make it up as I go along [and half the commands don't seem to function in Blogger].
PES ++[Old] Labour

And it's just as well I don't know who or what the grey parties are, as I'm running out of colours [well the Lib-Dems have got yellow and orange, the Tories and Labour between them have the entire continuum from blue to red, with UKIP muscling in with purple, and the Greens being very uncreative and using green. But there's still pink and brown, though I think the Monster Raving Loony Party was pink at one point. Which leaves brown. No wonder people say having too many parties is a bad idea, there simply aren't enough colours to go round. The only decent one left is turquoise/cyan/aquamarine, and then you're down to puce, ecru and eau-de-nile].

Courtesy of the Guardian: You know how I commented on a Jet song ["Look what you've done" sounding like various other songs, well it turns out the Beatles wrote a song whose lyrics open with a remarkably familiar refrain. Sexy Sadie what have you done, You made a fool of everyone. But I've no idea what the Beatle's song sounds like, and there's a huge difference between singing "you made a fool of everyone" and "you've made a fool of everyone". A whole tense in fact.

Whilst I was finding the lyrics for the song, I opened up the sing365 page, only to be confronted with a Javascript advert scrolling across the screen, consisting of a windows-esque box with the following inside. "var dum=0;". Oops. Methinks you might want to tweak your code. Unless of course that was the proper advert, for Vardum, purveyors of the finest putty.


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