Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Only slightly belated [by a mere week].

I've reached the [not so] big 1750th visitor. And it was someone using Unitel in Staten Island, New York. How did they get here? They were looking for search for advertising slogans and taglines that have already been used, on the Korean version of Google, using MSIE on a Mac.

Other unusual stuff from the tracker:
- Pellet mills Italia gets to me (even if I do have to be translated. I wonder what the Babelfishes of this world would make of the text produced here? It's probably better not to know).
- ITCHEN ABBAS ARCHITECTURE. Except I've never actually been there.
- What is gmail? It's a funky new email service from Google that gives you a gig of storage. Which spectacularly out competes Hotmail, and is still a fair way beyond Yahoo's new limit. It supposedly scans one's emails to provide clues as to what is the most suitable advertising to display. But as the ads are normal banner ads it doesn't impinge on the usability [and other email providers are rumoured to scan emails anyway]. For more see the 22nd of April posting.
- Scissor Sisters Song lyrics. Which of course takes people to a posting bemoaning the omnipresence of the SS [it's for your own good]. Oh stop looking at me with those pathetic expectant eyes. Oh alright, click here [really annoying pop-ups, but it serves you right].
- foxtons hologram. What hologram?
- "sara cox" pvc. Let's not.
- Buying Rasmus jumpers. Ideal for those awkward smart-casual events. On second thoughts, it's just not right, is it?
- "pachyderm construction". There's another link for that term? Wow. There's a real company in America with that name. Whatever next? The Platypus Dental Surgery? Narwhal Plumbing? [The latter is apparently quite common in Canada].
- stores in luton that sell ufo clothing. Er...?
- "fishy in the water" kids songs. See the UFO clothing response.
- The ever popular Rootjoose or the mighty Joose. You'll be wanting the posting from the 15th of June [mainly the latter one, although the earlier one has a mention, so does a posting from the second of December, as does one from the eighth of October].

And there was someone else searching for the lyrics to Ryan Adams's song "wonderwall". Er, mate, you might have more luck if you searched the original [you did know there was an original didn't you?]. Oasis version lyrics, and guitar tab.

And Hurrah! Coherence Engine is back. No idea what he's talking about mind.

And boo-hiss. Why do the BBC stick things worth watching in the "too tired to be playing attention to anything worth watching" post Newsnight slot? By accident I discovered last night BBC2 showing one of the Holidays in the Danger Zone series. This time in Ben Anderson [your mother would like him] is off exploring Sierra Leone. BBC News site, BBC4 site.

And another man who uses "quite" is Mr William Jefferson Clinton. Used in the Panorama interview broadcast last night. Used in the context of "I support John Kerry...I believe he’d be quite a good President". Strangely he later corrected himself saying " excellent president". But as the man started the interview berating all and sundry for their bias and savagery, the entire thing had a very odd dynamic.


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