Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Just think how many kitchen worktops someone could have made out of that. It's just selfish to use stone like that...Right well, it's Saturday, it's raining, and I have nothing better to do. So being outright bemused by search engine hits it is then.

famous biologists Micheal Angelo. Well I suppose if you count David as an anatomical model...

Schroedinger cat furniture life stage. Anyone care to own up to this one? If so, what were you looking for?

"tree of death"+v&a. Once again confusing. V&A I can understand, which suggests the Tree of Death is some artwork. But which? The quote it found on my page was about a work by the Chapman Brothers, which as far as I know, has never been connected to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

halo tube former in jewellery. Are we talking glow-sticks here?

Robert Kilroy-silk freemason. Is he? Well at least this one makes sense, whether or not it's true. From Aol: Find Kids Only sites about "Robert Kilroy-silk freemason" Mind aboggling.

MOST TRENDY DEPARTEMENTS STORE IN sEATTLE. Good old caps lock. But I'm sorry I haven't clue about shops in Seattle. Try taking the second "e" out (unless you wish to search regions of France).

brian molko tuning interview. The guy [ish] from Placebo, right?

Trying not to mention this sequence of words here, so Click here to find out what it is. Now this is just taking the piss isn't it? There's mishearing, and there's making it up as you go along [Ok, so it was from Danish Google, but still...]. For the original reference see the January 10th posting.

grockles emmet. Oh not this debate again. Emmet is Cornish for "ant", Grockle is Devon's version [and God knows what it originally meant]. Both are derisive terms for tourists [usually applied in the middle of rants about the trouble with tourists, whilst neglecting to remember the local economy is tourism driven...].

This is a quite poor post, isn't it? Sorry about that, it's just I can't really think of anything better to right now.


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