Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Speaking of whatever happened to Rootjoose - apparently part of them went off to become the much dancer Rairbirds [sample first on list], and one of them is being a youth worker in Saltash [from a Dodgy website - presumably as in the Free Peace Sweet band]. The Rairbirds appear to have been featured on a variety of record labels, such as Nuke and One Little Indian, although they are currently only in OLI's shop.

It would also appear that part of the Rairbirds went off to form a band which includes ex-members of Reef called Kubb [who share their name with a country music radio station and some game]. Kubb are playing in Kentish town on the 24th of June - I hope Visitlondon means this year [and the band are apparently playing in Bath today]. Though at least they are more indie being a mix of early U2 mixed with Coldplay[the press release's words]. And I thought the Ruth, The 45s and Aqualung [there was another one along the way wasn't there?] contortions were bad enough.

Suggestion for the members of Rootjoose: when you next rename yourselves, don't pick the name of a game. Though I've come to discover just quite how many websites there are that are computer generated using text from other websites [usually as a way of boosting Google ratings].

I happened to catch the titles for the BBC's coverage of Royal Ascot [think horses and hats], which is mostly horses thundering, over the top of a looped bit of quite staccato strings playing. Trying to place which bit of music it came from really bugged me all afternoon. The then it occurred to me. The Streets. But I can't remember which one, Amazon doesn't do samples of his stuff, the radio stations don't seem to either, and his website is just poor. Only NME appear to have a selection. And the track that the BBC's sample was taken from is Turn the page, from Original Pirate Material [lyrics, though I think the bit about "the hazy fog over the Boring" should read "...Bullring"].

So now I know why my brother always seems to be playing this album whenever I'm around. It's so I'd know that the BBC's racing team are trying imply about the Queen or other associated royals. Though with lyrics like the following, I'm not quite sure what it is exactly.
The sea of black, the beaming heat on their faces
Their figure emerges from the wasteage
Eyes transfixed with a piercing gaze
One hand clutching a sword raised to the sky

Rootjoose - the kings!
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