Tuesday, June 29, 2004

What is so up with that? </taking the mick out of a Scandinavian ex-flatmate> [she also used to ask "how much is it?" when she wished to know the time. Maybe that slash was premature].

Anyway, thing that made me think of this was spotting that the two latest non-anglophone artists featuring in the "now playing" tagline on GfB [Farin Urlaub and Alizée], are actually people I've heard of, and whose work I've heard. Ok, so it's largely because I was too miserly to pay for Sky, so we had to make do with the free satellite channels, which included German MTV "...Michael Jackson gefragt...die neu punker, Justin Timberlake mit Marilyn Manson hast gerockt...aber hey, das ist sehr cool!...vay, vay, vay, punkt...Tschuess!".

Which probably means his musical taste is as dodgy as mine [have you tried translating the lyrics to Moi Lotila? It is just pap isn't it? Pap with odd bits about giving cats her "something" whilst she watches others]. As I currently have that ghastly it's summer, it's Europop gibberish, it's going to be number one for months on end Mai ia hii[1] song dans ma tête, this doesn't bode well for him.

[1] The one that appears to have an advert for the Citroën Xsara Picasso in the middle of it.

Anyway, reverting back to his original point, what is FIFA rule 37, paragraph 19b/III? What is rule 37 come to that? [being anal, FIFA claims there's only 17]. My argument was that whenever I watch even part of a football match, it ends in a penalty shoot-out. And the laws of me-dom dictate that the winner shall be whoever I'm not supporting.

As for the prediction prowess [or not], my gut says Portugal and Greece to win. So now Malta probably will.


Look I just press the "Publish" button and then see -Alizée - "Gourmandises". I must admit I'm sometimes tempted to change it or pick a different song to play, just before I press publish - I'm blaming the taste of the randomiser. But yes, it is pap.

And the Fifa laws 18 and above aren't public, they're to do with things like how two football fans bludgeoning each other to death with concrete-filled footballs at the main gates of a football stadium is "not a football-related incident" or what percentage of the crowd has to be skimply dressed females, and the amount of time the cameraman should linger on them, depending upon the UEFA beauty co-efficient of each nation - that kind of thing....
Ha! We've picked the same teams! Which means two jinx'd people are rooting for them, so they'll definitely lose. :( Or not. Could be that the outcome of the football games have nothing to do with our weird fantasies. ;P

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