Tuesday, January 11, 2005

McFlyIn the bathroom.

That was the answer for the stream of people who appeared here after searching the BBC's search engine for something like where is the best place to get your kids to eat fruit according to jo whiley. Well, by the I mean an, and possibly not the right an.

It appears that the renowned Radio 1 "Everyone else is on holiday" DJ, Scott Trego-Mills, has taken to setting questions which can only be solved by people finding the right site using the BBC search engine. (Oh and the holiday thing: he is actually better than some of the people he covers). It's called The Big Fact Hunt On Radio 1. And any phonetic misinterpretation is purely in the mind of the behearer. Anyway, he does the breakfast show.

So did everyone else find the right answer before they got to reading what I wrote about in December the year before last? Or were there only 10 people bored enough to try? I suppose it was twenty past four on a weekday - so what was the person at Hampshire County Council doing? Can I finish a sentence in this paragraph without using a question mark?

And while noticing tracker stuff, I seem to be the only person whose Hitmap works (see the comments on the last post). Oh well. By the way, hands up if you are the person from Dar. I assume it's Dar es Salaam, but the mark might be a bit far south.

Anyway, I'll write up the other goings on at a later date, but will leave with the interesting thought which led someone here: Do McFly prefer curvy women?

I think I might have to ask Eva (or possibly her sister) for the answer to this one.


Well.. in my professional opinion, I would say that they would prefer curvy women, curvey, but not chubby. I'm not one to gossip, but from what I hear, one of them isn't actually that fussed about women at all! But then, I'm not one to start rumours...
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