Friday, January 21, 2005

Tanzania geographic 091Newsnight just had a fairly interesting section about street design. But the site only has one paragraph of text. However the streaming video should have it until Monday's programme goes out. But I cannot check it as the stream is currently the live programme.

But anyway, I've now turned over to Bill Bailey: Part Troll. It's odd comparing which bits of material are standard and which were the ad-libs.

I had forgotten some of the songs (such as the excellent, but brief: How can I feel pain when you've been so supportive?). But honestly I think he was better when I saw him - in a much smaller place, which had much more interaction.

And is anyone else a bit bemused as to why the new Tracy Beaker magazine is being advertised at quarter past eleven? Tracy Beaker being some children's television thing, and the magazine being one of those "Part one out now, only £X.99 [normal price £X+Y.99]".

Hurrah! He mentions the toast girl! At one point he quizzes the audience about marijuana cookery, and when we were there one girl shouted out "Toast", and then explained that she had had it on just toast. Whom he then lampooned for her complete lack of culinary skills, and general enthusiasm. Anyway, he mentions her in the filmed show. To think I have been so near someone famous.

[His website claims the show was recorded in June 2004, and I saw him in October 2004. But the toast thing came from the audience. Maybe it's much more common than one thinks].


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