Friday, February 25, 2005

Legoland 6382 Fire StationGoogle is fallable.

Shock horror, I know, but there are actually some things it can't do. We all know it is ever so handy when it comes to converting X into Y, for example 24oC into Fahrenheit. So you'd think 180C to Gas Mark wouldn't be a problem, would it? Despite the close proximity in the following pages of Gas Mark 4 to 180 degrees C, Google just treats it the same as if I'd searched for "lopnostrilled BBC presenters in London". Ay well.

And at this point I discover Blogger has mislaid the rest of the draft. The contents were of course of such vital importance that I can no longer remember them.

Moving on. People who ring up, and before I've reached the second sentence, whisper out "Goodbye then", and hang up. My first sentence was only "Right, okay". Very not impressed, especially as it wasn't good news, but I still need to get information out of them (which the letters say they will do). Considering this woman apparently has the best interpersonal skills in that place, I still think she's damn rude, but am now really wonder about the rest of them. Perhaps my initial instincts that they were an odd bunch, and for the most part verge on the incompetent, weren't far out.

And another which has really annoyed me recently: that McDonald's advert. The one where the boyfriend is seen taking bagels back to his girlfriend who's still in bed. The girlfriend refuses to believe McDonalds do bagels. They argue, in a light-hearted way. She says, unthinkingly "Oh, I love you". Big awkward silence.

Now is it me...
But the implication is that they spent the night together. The relationship is far enough advanced that either he has keys to her place, or is willing to leave her alone in his. It's also supposed to be serious enough that breakfast in bed is an option, rather than either slinking off, or being told to bugger off.

So a coupling with a heavy dose of relationship. And yet to McDonalds, love is lethal. Nice sentiment that, to go with the nice food.

Blog link type things: Jon-boy of WS ends a list of him stuff by mentioning that he's been awake for 28 hours. The next day he classes as the worst day ever. Blame the Bentos.

And what is it about scars, siblings and thrown objects [#14]? Eyebrow, brother, and Lego fire engine in my case. You can't really see it though. And I had just sat on the fire station - which oddly I remember, although I don't remember the low flying fire engine, or the injury. I remember watching my brother playing, and because he's brother it was interesting. But my legs were tired, so I started half-sitting on the fire station, as it was about the right height, and would take some weight. I carried on watching my brother, and was so interested in what he was doing, I forgot that I supposed to be holding myself up, so I relaxed, and the fire station collapsed. This possibly is my earliest memory. And I thought only remembering my mistakes was a recent trait.

Hmm, and isn't it nice when websites decide one no longer exists. Village Photos is currently denying all knowledge in this case. So Flickr is about break out of photos and into scans (and don't ask how I got it).


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