Thursday, February 10, 2005

CashpointKarma bemoans abysmal female driving. Apparently she was enraged by the inept actions of the person ahead of her at the drive-in ATM. Yes, at the drive-in cash machine [known in this country as a High Street]. And yet this girl claims she lives in a third world country?

Should that be drive-through ATM? As drive-in implies one has to find another means of transport to get out. But I suppose traffic black holes must exist. How else could my mother talk about the problems of parking in a "one-way dead-end" road? I know it's unfair (and unwise) to laugh at the post-menopausal, but still... the sheer nightmarish impossibility of the situation as she describes it is quite impressive. Being fairer, what she actually meant was a cul-de-sac, which due to the on street parking, was functioning as a single-track road, and hence blocks very easily.

Him, over there, in all his TAFKAPing glory, is busy fantasising about various members of boybands. So I wonder what he would say about a picture of Tom McFly looking hot and sweaty, with a very interesting look on his face? [go to number 7].

Ryan continues in his quest to be all-singing, all-dancing, and still has time for fights at poker games. (Have I done Ryan on here before? Probably not, because FOF-nabbing him from Neil's blog seems a bit pointless, although as Neil is currently permanently elsewhere, I shouldn't feel so guilty for raiding his sidebar. Anyway, he's definitely worthwhile).

Which reminds me. If anyone has the Neil's not-Neil address, could you please enlighten me? As my cunning plan of picking up when Neil comes here, and using the tracker to find out the referral address, didn't take into account him still using the sidebar. Oh and I would just like to reassure anyone who does let me in, that I will be remarkably discreet if required (or possibly unremarkably would be better).

Scavenging from Strang, and I manage to break the world. Either that or Google takes the CNN view of the world.

He also mentions (as it has just been the Chinese New Year, closely followed by the Islamic one. To really help multiculturalism, the CNY fell on the first day of Lent) Chinese astrology, and it's uncanny accuracy. Being bored I check out the site and rediscover that I am a Monkey. The description fits with me being a Leo, and Friday's child. But, like the rest of such things, it doesn't actually fit with me.

Other goings on, and I missed the 5,000th visitor to this site (by a hundred and forty or so). I know it's pitiful in comparison to other sites, but some of them do have other things going for them (mentioning no names). I have at least got the excuse that the 30-odd a day I get from Google image search have only recently started happening.

Which brings me to the traditional blog-fodder of the bored: stupid search terms.
- chicken licken terrorism conspiracy. Of course, it was Bin Laden's acorns of mass destruction.
- quarter Me neither.
- a guide to announce a wedding already taken place. Don't tell. See how long it takes them to guess.
- Woohoo! I lead the results for Ferrero Rocher+pronunciation. Is that really something Woohooable?
- I also lead them for a certain (possibly lop-nostrilled) local television presenter. They're never going to let me live this down are they?


Oooh v. nice! Although, Tom McFly is ugly at the best of times, and that pic is no exception!
haha yea, the 'third world' status is full of extremes (maybe by now we are 'first world', will have to check latest stats). We have extreme poverty and we have extreme wealth and contemporary hi-tech infrastructures (all that hullabaloo about us taking jobs away from local Americans by being outsourced) - it's a matter of geography.

and yea, i guess i meant 'drive-through' :))
As far as I can tell, not Neil hasn't got a new weblog yet. Apparently, he's had to spend 10 days in hospital with pancreatitis and since he got back home, he just hasn't been bothered to sit at the computer and actually "do anything".
I'm sure he'll start to get bored of doing nothing soon and start typing though....
WS - I really can't think of anything to add, but it feels rude to ignore you, so thanks for commenting.

Karma - When you originally mentioned India as part of the 3rd World, my instant response was "No it's not", but given it's not the west or part of the ex-USSR, I guess it must be. Anyway it's fun speaking to call centre workers pretending to be in the outskirts of Manchester, when their local knowledge of the area is worse than mine (and I get lost beyond Birmingham).

Hmm, and do the references to English cities make sense to someone from India? Probably not, but as I've just spent the day going round bits of Sussex and being surprised by it, I think I can claim the more embarrassing grasp of geography.

Neil - Oh, is Not-Neil alright now though? Tell him I hope he gets better soon (but I'm not sure about the timescale of pancreatitis). And how about an inspiring entry on pancreatitis to kick off his new weblog?
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