Sunday, February 27, 2005

Wanderer sail markingSunday morning, so it must be stats time. But first I went off to Technorati, to see what I could see (from the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea? Just me then?). Lo and behold, there is a new site linking to me, with the words: Let's see how long it takes him to see that this page links to his. Wonder what the German word for the day should be?

Oh, could it be that the wanderer returns? But clicking onto the linked site,, takes me straight to the FP (after a "Seite nicht gefunden"). So it looks as though that was possibly a mirage, and the wanderer is still a boat a bit like a wayfarer, but smaller.

And in answer to whoever it is on the German site, it apparently took me 13 days, but I know I've checked Technorati since then and nothing new has come forward.

Googling for the distinctive part of the name only brings up North Fulton Regional Hospital.

Yuri, wo sind sie?


Naja, if one has to go to hospital for a month, it's probably going to take a tad longer than expected to get a new web site up and running.

Take care and look after your pancreas (so that it may look after you)....
What's the Native American Journalists Association got to do with anything?

[And isn't the J word missing an apostrophe? Yes that was the sound of the reference shooting past my head]

I hadn't realised that Mr Gagarin would be unavailable for so long. I hope he returns healthily soon.

And if you're not from round here, then get off my land (especially the field down there with the portable wall).
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