Friday, March 25, 2005

WeeblAh, so now the people searching of Weebl and Bob make sense. Apparently that nice Mr Jonty Picking has done a little animation of the fabulous duo, which he has named in honour of this blog.

Unfortunately, as is the wont of Google, those paying homage have become more infamous than the honoured. Drat, and I was so enjoying playing second fiddle to Yet Another Search Engine (which does at least have the grace to list me as the first unplanted result. But as the thing doesn't even list the referring site when search for anyhoo, despite the similar name...).

Hmm, I'm now rather dismayed, having realised that I haven't seen an MSN search result in the stats recently. I had assumed that it was because MSN is widely regarded to be dire, and that the revamp only made it worse. I now discover that no variation on the name of this blog brings up anything like this site: the nearest I can get is GfB. Sticking the index address in brings up nothing. Um, yeah, thanks for dropping me.

But at least Yahoo still loves me, even if no-one sane uses it.


This site in no way condones the use of mythical foxes in capturing monkeys.

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