Friday, March 11, 2005

Oil lampAh tiredness and politics: such a great combination.

Seeing BBC News 24 in passing stimulated two thoughts. Both are linked to the terrorism legislation which is currently bumping around in the Lords. The first was discovering that there is no Somerset clause. Which is just as well, as I wasn't quite sure what it was or who Somerset was and which side he was on [I know that's prejudiced, but Lords, especially ones with inherited titles, tend to be men].

It turns out that the clause provisioning for annual parliamentary renewal of the act is apparently a sunset clause. Um, well, single word names which happen to be the names of counties: it's not that odd for the House of Lords, is it?

The second was due to the wonderful invention which is scrolling text on screen. You know the type of thing which spews inanities endlessly, and very occasionally things on doesn't quite expect to see in front besuited sombre presenters, such as ...acting with Hilary Swank. Eriq La Salle has... ...threatened by the bug. German researchers... ...sent off. Uckfield's latest... OPEC. Until negotiations...
Ok, so I made those up (mostly because I can't remember the real examples), but I have seen similar things on screen. Admittedly if I had to sit writing the goings on of the world in six words or less all day, I think I'd start sticking stuff in just to see if anyone notices.

Anyway, one sentence was scrolling across the screen. I misread it. I've included two versions below. Can you tell which is the BBC version?

Charles Clarke has offended parliament...
Charles Clarke has offered parliament...

But in happier news, it's sunny [or was]. I managed to get home in time to discover the sun is just about getting into my room just before it sets. Hurrah!

My car has also decided it's summer. No misted up windows. No puddle. No [new] mould. No stalling. No struggling both with and without the choke. No whining alternator when I bring the clutch in. No non-functioning items {well, other than the usual).

It started first time. I had to turn the heater down. It became a car one could just pop out in. Which of course now means I'll have to bump-start it in the snow next week.

And as something on news has just reminded me, here's an abysmal joke I heard today [read out from a mobile phone, so with absolutely no sense of timing]:

Michael Jackson is holed up in a hotel room, avoiding the press scrum outside. He is really bored and decides to send one of his security guards down to get a DVD. The guard replies: "What would like? Disney? Bambi's always good, or there's Snow White. What about the Lion King? Or shall I get Aladdin?"
To which Jackson replies: "Better not. I'm in enough trouble already."



Oh well.


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