Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cream of Tomato SoupI turn my back for 3 seconds, and look what's happened. BTW, that's a poetic license 3 seconds.

The sexy elfin shorts have been and gone.
Someone in San Diego perfects the Bacardi flambé [1].
The crossed legged carrot put in an appearance.
Cyberabad is chronicled [2].
The RBSI is founded.
From Banksy to Bankside (Neu York style).

[1] Bacardi 151 75% v/v alcohol. It is not available in this country (£70 per litre import). I still haven't figured out how exactly it would work as a marinade. The alcohol might make the meat a bit more tender, but I can't image that there's much room left for flavour if it's three quarters pure ethanol. Mmm, raw alcohol.

[2] Although no mention is made of the local Cybermen. And I only know about them from umpteen "I love the [whenever]s" programmes, an intensely irritating ex-flatmate and someone's photograph I saw recently on Flickr. Having said that, I am intending to watch the new Doctor Who, just to see how bad it is, and because I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night (and it's bound to be more realistic than Casualty). And am I in a position to judge? Well, I grew on Sylvester McCoy's Doctor (and I quite liked Ace), which, other than ageing me, probably doesn't give me a good basis for the inevitable "Not as good as Connery" comparisons. (And no, I don't really care about who is the best Bond either).

Which oddly reminds of (read: the television is on in the background, and it's just been on) that Skoda Fabia advert. How come daleks can't do stairs yet a Corby Trouser Press can? (and to the pedant who starts "actually" and then continues by citing an episode and series number, I can only say that I don't care, and I can trade in common misperceptions if I want to).

Which now means I have Saturn V in my head. Which really does age me. And if you are lost we're at Inspiral Carpets, on the retail estate between Sofa Hell and the giant Linda Barker cut-out.

And while finding suitable links I got all excited when I found that apparently in Germany Cheap-VW™ market the Skoda Firewall. According to Google that is: Die Studie Yeti in Genf, Skoda Firewall: Sicher Surfen. Kostenloser Download ...

I have no idea what that means though.

As I'm running out of time, and the router has switched to "don't want to" mode, I'll stop here.


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