Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Woohoo and a half. Well, actually 1.4386 Woohoos.

I came second, yes, that's right, second, in a blog of the month competition. Could be it the mindless rants that did it? Could it be the poor grammar? Could it be I just typed "Good it be the poor grammar", and tend to mix up my and by, and add on extraneous ed's, ing's and ly's? Could it be the utter lack of theme? Could it be the utter lack of content? Could it be I tend to repeat myself? Could it be the long running sentences which usually contain about eight separate clauses plus a few needless brackets which are usually pointless asides, explanatory notes (not that I mean to suggest you are all much too thick to understand anything, although I have yet to have conclusive proof which applies to the lot of you. For a start, whilst I can be fairly sure of the intellectual prowess of the current occupier of In Actual Fact (read: he's bright, often annoyingly so), there are some unknowns out there, such as whoever it is who is somewhere in middle America (is that not Omaha?), and all I know of it is that it's at crossroads of two lines of cities, as depicted by that OU World thing. And you, yes you, can't take offence as that, as you are so busy lurking quietly I obviously have had no chance to notice you exist. Hmm, is being rude to one's readers a good idea? Probably not, and I'm still due a closed bracket, aren't I?), or not-quite-witticisms? Could it be I tend to forget where I'm going with a sentence, paragraph (a what now?) or post?

Or could it be that it was a contest judged by one thoroughly unaccountable person? Which obviously means I'm not good enough at bribery, although it also suggests that corruption wasn't exactly widespread if I could come second. I wish the judge better, and more profitable, luck next time.

Proud(ish) First Runner Up (which suggests a certain degree of first loser). Hang on, scrub that.
Proud First Loser of Whateva Sista's BOTM award.
Now officially not quite good enough.

Or could it be all of the above! Who knows!

What does 'thoroughly unaccountable' mean? I am not sure if I should be pleased or insulted...

Anyhoo, coming second will give you something to work for this month, you have made a good start mentioning McFly quite a lot one of your recent posts! Keep it up!
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