Thursday, April 14, 2005

Amendment to the previous post:

The politics post got pulled. It's politics; it's one opinion on the opinion of others on the opinions of yet more others.

If you're really interested, see InAcFa. Then become un-, or possibly disinterested.

I need to got to bed (or possibly Bedlam).


"see InAcFa. Then become un-, or possibly disinterested"

If you were the first person to write that I wouldn't have minded.....
And don't think I hadn't noticed the previous post which said "although in the only full length photograph I've seen of him his seat looked fatter than mine"

Well, let me tell you, I've been to the discount stool warehouse and the new model is a slimline, Danish design.

Nice photos btw. Bit Surrey-centric if I may say so, despite what your tutor says..... I'll be sure and wave down to you when I fly in to Heathrow on Monday morning, or when I'm leaving, Monday evening.......
Politics: I meant my contribution on your site. I really must learn to think about the other ways in which things may be taken.

As for the other thing: It was the camera angle. Must have been a cheap lens as well. And there was heat haze. Dreadfully unfair.

Photos: Ta muchly. Centricity? I wonder why that could be? Memo to self: Must work in more references to watercress, watermeadows, and er, The Watercress Line.

You flying? I missed this. Where to? Enjoy Heathrow - I'm sure you'll have a great time, as there's so much to do. You could go on the fun monorail (er, that'll be Gatwick, never mind). You could... er, watch the sewage farm. You could, um, um again, wonder why they chose that yellow for the signs. You could Moonwalk on a travellator. You could wonder why there aren't enough seats, and just how many different greys concrete comes in. Have fun.
Sorry, was feeling a little ranty and determined to misinterpret things when I wrote that.....
But you can't apologise - I'm the one who is forever apologising for stuff (and sometimes I mean it).

Really stupid question: which was the ranty bit? Politics and un- vs dis-? I assumed you were being [struggles for the right word] you, and so being charmingly droll and self-mocking. It didn't occur to me you were cross. Oops.

So who was rude enough to write something similar about you and mean it? (Rather than stumble upon that meaning).
No, no it's me who must apologise. Gosh, were so terribly English. I'd been ranting in general on my blog and hoped it hadn't run over a little..

Of course, I could take offence that you think I have a crap lens on my camera except it's true. And the air was dusty. Everyone in Naples has a two-stroke scooter.

My first ever comment spam. What fun.

Only I think I'll have to delete you as I'm not really convinced about the free ipods thing, and well, you used "dis" as a word on its own and you didn't mean insult, so sorry, but bye.
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