Sunday, April 03, 2005

Let that be as lesson to you.

Never think you've just pasted a copy of your blog template into Word, only to then discover, when you've gone back to scavenge part of the code, that there are only the scraps you had put there earlier.

So much fun was had trying to reconstruct the basic code from the page source of one of this blog's pages. I think I've got it mostly back to how it was, unless it's better, but tell me if every link takes you to a post from November, or something similar.

All this to make the comments do what Blogger says they are already doing. From the front page comments should now pop up in separate window Haloscan/decent blogging software stylee. The comments will still appear as part of each post on each post page.

Which reminds me: one of you lot could have told me that on every post page the blog title is swamped by a link which magically turns it invisible.

So basically, sorry for upsetting anyone who uses a feed aggregator, but I was having to use trial and end publishing: Blogger previews do not show what happens on each post page. Helpful huh?

Anyway, I'll post about stuff which happened over the weekend in a while, but I'm off to see which other bits of the blog are now defunct.


PS. Does anyone know if the new Doctor Who gets repeated anywhere? Guess who was buying reduced doughnuts at the time yesterday.

Testing... testing...

Yes. It seems fine :)

I would have told you about the invisible link thing, but I didn't see it! LOL!!!
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