Saturday, April 09, 2005

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Welcome to the ubiquitous, slightly tentative test post. As some of you may have been aware Blogger has been varying degrees of buggered for half the week. It's apparently not now. By apparently I mean I haven't had one single "The document contains no data" error. Yet.

Blogger did try to be helpful and posted the following advice on
If you are experiencing problems loading, please try clearing the cookies in your browser.

Only they posted that on And what happened whenever I tried loading any page? I got "The document contains no data". It's nice when you can't read the answer because of the problem. I only found out about the cookies thing via Cas-Av. Having wiped out the cookies (filed under www.b...), I got the site to load, and then got in, and could even get the create post window open. One small hitch though: neither the Save as Draft nor the Publish Post buttons worked. So Blogger was only functioning on an Etch-a-Sketch basis.

So basically that was fun, and sorry about the lack of content recently. Now all I've got to do is match up the umpteen scraps of posts dotted around Blogger and a couple of computers. Sometimes being too miserly to have a proper address really isn't worth it (and drat, has gone and redirects to an under-construction Jonny Wilkinson site, with a main image that doesn't load).

So anyway, I hope you're all having fun, cos I'm not really.


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