Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lego GRoger the rabbit

One slight problem with reading blogs: people like Mr ActualFactual exist. And comment on other people's blogs. Such as Ryan's.

Lagophilia's good, mmkay?

Well, I suppose as long as it's Harvey not Frank...

Moving (or possibly hopping) on, and we may have a new contender for the Ernst and Young Novel Sailing Technique Award (in association with Sunsail and Bramble Bank). Or possibly EY have opened a San Francisco branch.

Drat. On Strang's Blog he mentions the Retail Alphabet Game (4th Ed). Whilst I've beaten Strang's score of 9 (I'm only competitive when I think I can win), I've ground to a halt after 12 on the 4th edition. I blame the game for its blatant American bias (not that I know it is American, but, well, you know, it's just easier to blame someone else). So far I've got b,c,g,h,i,l,n,p,s,t,v and x.

I can get 4 on the 3rd edition, with two It's that, er, it's, um...'s [u and m]. 9 on the second (and I refuse to admit to knowing d. S is another I-know-it-but). 8 for the first.

Who would have thought consumerism could be this hard?

Having looked at the answers, I should have got half a dozen more on the 3rd, a couple more on both the 2nd and 1st.


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