Friday, April 01, 2005

So how many people really think I'm moving to the south of France? And how many people forgot what day it was today? Said he who only thought something was wrong with the Grauniad's front page article [on the role offered to Prince Charles by the Labour party if they are re-elected] simply because it offered too much front page coverage to the royal family for such an unrelentingly republican paper (the lead article on the FP was about Charles's sotto voce press conference). Even the Guardian quoting the results of a Yo, Guv! poll didn't strike me as odd, as this is after all the Grauniad, so a mangled version of the name You Gov is not out of place [I can't find the fake story on the Guardian website].

I know I really should have repealed that fishy thing at noon, but A. only two people had the chance to see it. B. Other stuff got in the way. Like Blogger playing hide and seek, and then other stuff, and then a not-very-good Bond film (a theme tune by Aha?)

But c'mon: a generally fishy post, where things are taken with liberal doses of salt, a village with a name which roughly means little game, mention is made of San Serif (ok, so I varied [unintentionally] the spelling from the Pacific island, see #5), and somehow I manage to work in poisson - and what game do French children play on April Fool's Day?

Subtlety has never really been my forte.

On to other stuff:
...('Always in the stink of women! How I hate women!' she said parenthetically)...
Parenthetically within parentheses? Ok.
It's from 1984 by George Orwell.

So, has anyone else noticed the Pope's been looking a bit ill? It's odd, it's scarcely been mentioned anywhere. Seriously though, has anyone else wondered how long it'll be before the various news channels start showing the Pope's blood pressure tracking downwards like the FTSE as some accounting scandal erupts? Or showing his heart beat flickering live on screens in place of the clocks? He's an old man who is quite ill - how many times do we need telling?

One of the best bits (if there can be any) is the ridiculous comment that perhaps it is time for an American Pope. Apparently "How about Wolfowitz?" is not a suitable response.

Oh, the Bond is back on. It's quite odd having a film made sometime in the eighties, in which there are mujahideen who trade drugs, and they are the good guys. Obviously the Ministry of Truth are a little overwhelmed at the moment.

Hmm, the Bond girl isn't dead yet, but the titles are rolling. What is wrong with the world?


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