Thursday, April 14, 2005

Very not good

Ok so I'm only using that as a post title because somebody picked up on my use of it. Apparently it's a highly ungrammatical thing to say. Strangely they didn't seem to like me replacing it with doubleplusungood.

Anyway, what's wrong with very not good? Not very good has a different meaning, suggesting a certain level of mediocrity. But not good is distinctly not good; the ominousness rumbles through it. So if one can have a state of not good, then so can exist very not good.

The doubleplusungood brings me to the point of this message. Having finished reading 1984 (I know it's spelt out longhand, but I can't be arsed right now; I'll do it when I do a proper review, if I ever do that), I've now moved onto The Mayor of Casterbridge. Which is my way of saying I'll be in Dorset this weekend, so no blogging for a while (it would be unhelpful to point out that I've not blogged for 3 days before and that I seem to be making a habit of it).

I'm not quite sure how, but somehow whenever I go somewhere, it usually happens when I'm reading a book connected to it, and not my conscious choice. I managed to take a copy of Moby Dick on a sailing holiday, but fortunately I wasn't far into it, so it wasn't tempting fate.

Although now I think about it, I'm not sure "reading book on A, therefore A will shortly appear in life" is true. I never found any hobbits in Exeter, or hordes of Russians in St Johns, and I missed the diabetic mango-eater in Harley Street.

Anyway, so I'm going to be unbelievably crass and take a book about Dorset South Wessex to Dorset.

And maybe I'll see an English church along the way; somehow Google has an image which appeared here as an example of an English church. Only the church is actually Swedish, masquerading poorly as English. Ay well.

Other stuff:
- I can drive, honestly. Minor wingmirror incident today. Didn't stop. Very naughty. But as it was my mirror that gave, and there was no clatter and I could see the other mirror still sticking out, there wasn't much reason. Anyway, there was nowhere for me to stop without blocking the road, due to all the nice cars parked on double yellow lines, the mirror of one of which I hit.

So annoyed about that, and then discovered that due to lazy fabulous engineering, the forward support is also the linkage for the adjustment mechanism, and rather than design a complex joint to accurately transfer movements, they used a dodgy ball and socket joint. Hence upon impact the ball comes out and the mirror folds. The plastic casing doesn't, but having vaguely reassembled the mirror I realise it's always been like that since I've owned the car. Who needs fitting seams anyway?

- Why do I always imagine people to be other than they are? Every person who I know of before I see [an image of] I invariably imagine to look like X. Where X either looks like me, but better looking, or like someone I know and think the new person is like. Even if it's only the confluence of the names London and Dan to guide me. LondonDan of course looks like neither the London Dan I already knew, or me. But at least half of that sentence is a good thing. Does this make any sense? Just to confuse you, I probably look a bit like him (although in the only full length photograph I've seen of him his seat looked fatter than mine. What? I've got to score ego points somewhere, and being able to connect thumb and forefinger round my arm a worrying distance from my wrist is not really going to do it. It's like Top Trumps; there has to be one good thing).

- Main point of post: I'm sticking a couple of posts up which have sat for the past week waiting for one thing another to get sorted out. The huge one still needs work, so that'll stay as draft. Basically don't get confused because things which weren't there are.


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