Monday, May 02, 2005

Tanzania geographic 003Always going to happen.

Last time I mentioned the annual outing of the banana. In the ceremony, I go and buy a new pot for it, and repot it into the bigger pot. So having done this I leave it on the edge of the patio in all its sleekly arching glory.

I come back a day later and, despite there being minimal wind, the biggest and tallest leaf has buckled, as have any others backing into the wind. So my banana plant now resembles some enigmatic piece of eighties sculpture.

And (note the use of the "and" despite there being bugger all connection between the two topics) why is film so slow? I know I went for cheapest option on getting my Brighton pictures developed, which was Boots' 6-day service (leave it on a Wednesday, collect it a week Thursday; thus is the logic of Boots), but I'm bored of waiting. I've just done another very uninspired film which was homework from the photography course, and I want to see that too.

Basically I'm feeling guilty for bagsying one of London Dan's free Flickr Pro accounts, and then promptly not using it. I put things into sets (which reminds me - ought to sort out original sets), and changed the date on some of the devanished things, but that's not exactly adding much. I very nearly added the last film of last term, but it's either pictures of me, which you don't want to see, and I don't want you to see, or plants, or pheasants, all of which I think would be less appealing to anyone stumbling upon my photostream. BTW, am I the only person to worry about that? Does anyone else think about what would be a good picture to end on (even if the end is only temporary)? Being boring and sticking whole films on their unedited does limit the potential, but still I feel bad when I leave the first few images visible (I've talked myself into a grammatical hole here, haven't I?) which aren't the best images.

So Mr Manx, if you're looking, I will add something new soon, just give me a little more time. Oh and I like this image of yours, and I wonder what inspired you to do that?

London Dan also has quite a few good images which he's added recently. Including this bemusing one, and I'll not bother adding the rest I think are good, as we might be here some time.

Speaking of "some time", guess who just got a little distracted by Flickr. It's so easy to wander from one person to the next glazing at gorgeous colours and bewildering forms. Having looked at the things I've "favorited" [sic], it would appear that I'm easily swayed by low sun on good architecture and why don't you bung in a reflection too while you're at? I'll have to go and seek out lots pictures on naked bodies now (not really, having already filled my quota earlier by stumbling upon this fuzzy arse. I wonder what the neighbours make of it).

Ah, drat, now I notice that I've overwhelmed the stunning example of synchronicity I observed earlier (and not I'm trawling through all the photographs on Flickr to recreate it). Anyway, in the other people's pictures bit, after one logs-on (no idea what I'm talking about? Go and join Flickr, and then add some decent pictures), it had one picture of bacon draining on kitchen towel, one of a platter at a buffet filled with slices of ham, and one of a gammon steak complete with pineapple ring (but I don't think you'd believe me if I claimed the fourth image was a policeman).

Anyway, as Manxman Dan helpfully put up an image to remind me, go over to InAcFa and see the current occupier succumb to old age (the image reminded because, whilst in Brighton and I've still not done the write up for that, for the first time ever in my live I ordered and drank a gin and tonic. How old does that make me? I only did it because I was getting bored of trying to think of things with which to drink rum, and because other people had broken the ice at the pub before. So they promptly reverted to beers and starting teasing me for drinking what their mothers drink. Oh, and don't vent one's simmering rage by pulping a poor piece of lime with a straw; it only makes it harder to bolt the gandt when the group suddenly moves on).

And is it me, or is our man in Hanover (well, same country) some managing to live one long series of mildly amusing anecdotes?

Anyway, I'm off to watch the only good thing spawned by the election. Oh, it's not the same person as last time, I'm not sure I'll bother.


I'm so glad I filled your quota.
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